Today, more than half of the world’s population lives in urban areas,
and by 2030 this number is expected to rise to almost 2/3 of the world’s population.

So, if congestion is already a challenge for city planners today, by 2030 it will become a serious problem
if we do no start adapting our cities now.

At GEO4CAST, we feel duty-bound to help city planners and public authorities to solve mobility challenges to make cities smarter and a better place to live for everybody.

That is why we have crafted our algorithms to transform raw real-time location data
into exploitable and meaningful mobility insights beautifully presented on maps and charts.

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Multimodal mobility management

Discover which transport options citizens use the most

Traffic management

Manage traffic in real-time, organize flows as events occur

Predictive traffic

Predict how traffic will evolve in the next hours/days
to plan accordingly

Origin / Destination
of groups of citizens, tourists

Detect the origin of congestion, plan for seasonal arrivals

Parking optimization

Understand the demand for parking spots to respond in the best way

Processing large amounts of geolocation data
has never been that easy.
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