Amusement parks, museums, stadiums, convention facilities, malls, stores…

We know how difficult it can be to manage very large numbers of visitors at the same time
in a single closed space, however big.

Our geolocation technology is the solution to all your struggles: we provide the best indoor analytics
to help you manage large visitor flows and deliver first-class visitor experience.

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Catchment areas

Determine where from and how your visitors come and plan access to your facilities accordingly.

Predictive traffic

Optimize visitor paths,
organize indoor architecture,
shape a winning visitor experience !

Engagement programs

Bring online and offline marketing efforts together, reward loyal visitors.

Traffic management

Inform your visitors of waiting times in different areas of your space, incentivize visitors to move to targeted areas of your venue to reduce congestion and improve the experience for everyone.


Understand who comes to your facilities, when, how and with whom. Delivering tailor-made experiences has never been that easy.

We can customize our analytics to fit your particular use-case, discover here two examples :

Lights Amusement Ride Park Adventure Colorful

Amusement parks

Get insights on who your visitors are, where they come from and how they access your park;
manage traffic between attractions, inform visitors about waiting times, drive customers to stores through app engagement programs, allow parents to monitor their kid’s location via Bluetooth…

Airports and train stations

Understand where travelers come from and where they go, inform them about waiting times at luggage drop-off and pick-up places, security checks and gates; increase your revenue from commercial premises by offering them the option to send location-based push notifications when they get close to stores…

Airport Indoor Architecture Infrastructure Building

to discover everything we can do for you !