Understand how movement influences purchasing behavior;

Increase your drive-to-store by reaching consumers where and when it matters,
with content that matters to them;

Engage your customers, optimize your stores…

Our geolocation analytics platform gives you access to real-time consumer insights
to help you provide the best products and services, and relevant advertising.

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Engagement programs

Create drive-to-store campaigns,
engage your customers in-store and on your app,
reward loyal ones

In-store predictive traffic

Optimize customer paths, choice architecture,
shape a winning customer experience !


Refine your segmentation to carry out effective
targeting campaigns, discover new groups of customers

Catchment areas

Determine where your customers come from,
which are the optimal locations of your new stores
and how to conquer your competitor’s customers

Market share

Monitor your competition to be one step ahead from them.


Indoor solutions

Exploit geolocation’s full potential
by integrating our technologies in-store as well.

We provide you with a powerful tool to understand the puzzle of consumer behavior.
Start understanding what your consumers need and want now with