Understand how people use transportation means, how they switch among them
and how new transports or itineraries will affect the way they move.

Harness real-time information to solve unexpected events and crises.

Achieve real-time efficiency !

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Multimodal market share

Monitor your competitors and substitutes, map positions in the overall mobility network and understand how people use other means of transport, and even better, what makes them switch

Catchment areas,
origin/destination matrices

Determine where your users come from and where they go
and adapt your offerings accordingly

Traffic management

Get updates about traffic in real-time

Predictive traffic

Plan the most efficient routes ahead of time

Logistics optimization

Monitor your fleet, calculate the most efficient routes (gas, km…) between multiple destinations

New services for clients

Waiting times, route calculation, indoor maps…

Claim the leadership in smart transportation.

Don’t miss out on real-time data,
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